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Palm Oil-Eden Skin Care. Do we use Palm Oil?

We always encourage our followers to become conscious consumers. Red palm oil is more than just an everyday vegetable or fruit oil. Palm oil is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A and its high concentrations of vitamin E protects skin cells and improve overall health. Red palm oil is rich in vital nutrients. These vitamins are essential for healthy hair and skin. 
We wanted to share a bit more on palm oil. Although we are moving away from palm products as quickly as possible, the palm products and palm oil we do use are sourced from the best available options. All of our palm suppliers collaborate with Greenpeace International (one of the suppliers was voted the #1 sustainable palm oil producer) and the Forest Trust. Our palm kernel producer has also had a zero deforestation policy since 2001. In addition, our suppliers are in a select group of international NGO’s and leading producers including the WWF and Rainforest Action Network that form the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG). Although perhaps not perfect, we have always striven to find the most sustainable and responsible producers.

We eventually plan on changing this ingredient in our formulations. Currently, Red Palm Oil is only used in one product-Orange Peel Polish, that we produce which is much improved from last year. Our Red Plam Oil is certified organic. We are happy to send you off our documentation to you if needed. Thank you for your read and interest. 

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