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Eden Skin Care has taken this pledge.

Natural Ingredient Resource Center “Truth in Labeling” Pledge

:: I voluntarily pledge that if and when I label an ingredient as “natural”, the ingredient will fit the Natural Ingredient Resource Center Criteria for natural ingredients.

:: I voluntarily pledge that if and when I label products using the term “natural”, the products will be labeled according to the Natural Ingredient Resource Center Guidelines for labelling natural products.

:: And I voluntarily pledge that if and when I display the NIRC ‘Truth in Labeling’ logo on a website, brochure or other marketing materials, I will primarily be offering products deemed “natural” as defined by the Natural Ingredient Resource Center guidelines. Furthermore I will disclose when a product on my website or marketing materials contains synthetic ingredients, such as fragrance oils or petrochemicals, in a way that is clear to the consumer.

Eden Skin Care Presentation


Eden Skin Care’s were certified Vegan. Eden Skin Care has completed the application process and agreed to the standards and guidelines for vegan certification through the vegan awareness foundation.

Applicable 9-11 products.

Signed: Krissi Vandenberg, April 28th, 2017. Executive Director.

The coalition for consumer information on Cosmetics (CCIC) has sent a certification of appreciation Eden Skin Care for adopting the corporate standard of compassion for animals.

Applicable to all 11 products.

Signed: Sue A. Leary, CCIC Chair on January 6, 2017.

Approved for inclusion in the Leaping Bunny Program. Certification of appreciation and steadfast commitment to eliminating cruel animal testing from our product line.

Applicable to all 11 products. 

Signed: Caitlin McGrother January 6th, 2017 Administration.

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