I (Tiffany Johnson) came into this world 3 months premature. I spent a long time in primary children’s hospital and my medical bills were in the millions of dollars. Life for me was an immediate struggle. This hardship continued as I grew with a large amount of learning disabilities, I was test for dyslexia which I still struggle with today.


I was told, that I wasn’t smart enough, I lacked intelligent or creative. But unlike some others that lean on victimhood.  It made me stronger and more capable. Because I had to try harder than everyone else. I had to memorize equations, formulas and dates and times in history- just to pass my classes. I learned differently than others. Instead of this become a comfortable excuse, it became the defining force that lead me to greatness.


Because, of these experiences, I will always be a fighter. I will never allow the bad guy to win, I will never be put down by others.  I am here to show strength, to heal and give love with full intention this is my ultimate purpose.  My goal is teach others to live life with full love and give all that you are and all you were made to be to others with no filter.


This may seem Un-Achievable, but so is everything else I’ve done.


The Moment I Saw an esthetician performing a facial. I knew exactly, what I wanted to do. I worked for three years to gain the funds and the courage to go back to school. After gaining State licensure. I began working at a day spa. I love helping those in Jeopardy or in emotional pain. My main goal was/is to assist in the correction of their skin ailment and to help them see their own personal Beauty.


Working for other Spas/medical aesthetics practices made me realize that my standards and morals weren’t being held up in this industry. I wanted to really create true change in the skin. There goal was to make their quota. Mine was to heal.


This led me to a bigger calling to open my first Aesthetic practice. I was ready to take on the big boys. I started looking at the products available on the professional market and quickly realized I wasn’t peddling a potion, I was pedaling a poison.


That was the last straw! I could no longer witnesses this behavior from the all-knowing aesthetic industry.


I set out to create a skin care line that corrected a wide-range of skin issues. Tackling acne/blemishes, hormonal imbalances in the skin, rosacea (hereditary) aging concerns, and menopausal skin (pre & post).


It took me 6 months to find a credible Manufacturing Company based in the USA. Another 6 months in formulation and researching of herbal remedies. Verifying that these herbs/vitamins worked scientifically to benefit the skin. Using my own knowledge as a Licensed Master Esthetician and my thousands of clients a year- which I assist in facial rejuvenation. 3 months in packaging; demanding quality, reusability, and recyclable materials as well as no leaching of chemical compounds into the products.  


Planning and proofing of my product labels making sure they are FDA complaint. Obtaining vegan and cruelty-free certification, Non-GMO ingredients and full product creation in organic certified facility. Patiently perfected my compounds/formulations so they were interchangeable, powerful and pure.


The Deep desire to Heal came from my Heritage. My great-grandfather was a forest ranger and my grandfather and grandmother taught me everything about the power of natural. I was raised Wild and Free as a sunflower in the summer.  We would spend months in the Utah mountains together. I would walk through the trees like a ghost, observing the animals of the forest. I learned and listened to my grandpa as he spoke of our heritage and history.


He would teach me of the mountains.  Of trees and berries- which to pick and which to avoid. How to survive in the mountain and  take care of your family even if you have absolutely nothing to your name.  As I began on this wild adventure, I came back to those quiet moments in the trees, to all those hikes finding prickly pear (fruit of a cactus). Nearly every ingredient in Eden Skin Care can be found in the Utah Mountains. I now pass this ancient knowledge onto you and I ask that you to Let Nature Nurture.


Sincerly, Tiffany Johnson (owner)

Eden Skin Care

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