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The Moment I Saw an esthetician performing a facial. I knew exactly, what I wanted to do. I worked for three years to gain the funds and the courage to go back to school. After gaining State licensure. I began working at a day spa. I love helping those in Jeopardy or in emotional pain. My main goal was/is to assist in the correction of their skin ailment and to help them see their own personal Beauty.


Working for other Spas/medical aesthetics practices made me realize that my standards and morals weren’t being held up in this industry. I wanted to really create true change in the skin. Their goal was to make their quota. Mine was to heal.


This led me to a bigger calling to open my first Aesthetic practice. I was ready to take on the big boys. I started looking at the products available on the professional market and quickly realized I wasn’t peddling a potion, I was pedalling a poison.


That was the last straw! I could no longer witnesses this behaviour from the all-knowing aesthetic corporate kings.


I set out to create a skincare line that corrected a wide-range of skin issues. Tackling acne/blemishes, hormonal imbalances in the skin, rosacea ageing concerns, and menopausal skin (pre & post).


It took me 6 months to find a credible Manufacturing Company based in the USA. Another 6 months in formulation and researching of herbal remedies. Verifying that these herbs/vitamins worked scientifically to benefit the skin. Using my own knowledge as a Licensed Master Esthetician and my thousands of clients a year- which I assist in facial rejuvenation. Then another, 3 months in packaging; demanding quality, reusability, and recyclable materials as well as no leaching of chemical compounds into the products.  While obtaining vegan and cruelty-free certification, Non-GMO ingredients and full product creation in an organic certified facility. 

Patiently perfecting my compounds/formulations so they were interchangeable, powerful and pure.


Sincerely, Tiffany Johnson (owner)

Eden Skin Care

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