Our Story

Eden Skin Care’s Story: 

Our story began in a tiny Aesthetic practice in Central, Utah. Our aim was to provide perfect love and perfect products to those in need of treatment and therapies to reduce their pain and embarrassment caused by their skin ailment.

I wanted to create a place where they could rebuild their lost confidence. A place of “None Judgment” that would heal the wounds of the past and erase the memories of cruel words. I wanted to encourage joy and confidence in those that had lost self-esteem. Those which had struggled, for so long, on their own.

I had heard there upset, and how they had tried every powder and potion out there. They had been guaranteed results and these promises turned to mistruths strung together to give them a false sense of security.

I couldn’t continue to see the aftermath of negative, toxic, cancer-causing ingredients engulf an unsuspecting public.

I am a master esthetician and I found my path in helping to heal those that had no more hope. To bring them a life which they deserved, to allow their inner beauty to shine through.

I got to work creating the first Nutraceutical of its kind. Using my intense knowledge as a Master Esthetician.

We pride ourselves on developing the first Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free and Vegan skincare line with Dietary Preferences, (clearly listed) that actually works.

We are different! Our products don’t just smell good, they have skin altering effects backed by science and clinical trials.

Help us change the world!

  • End Animal Suffrage and Cruelty.
  • Stop the poisoning of our people.
  • Uphold rigorous standards.
  • Give love and support through endless Education.


Made in the USA. Truth in Labeling (NIRC) Utah Based Company.

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